Caticorn Dreams. It's a Cat AND a Unicorn!!!

Caticorn Dreams. It's a Cat AND a Unicorn!!!

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** back in stock next week!! ***

We can't get enough of unicorns in this house, especially when they are also kittens!

The Caticorn mask is a favorite with everyone! What a happy face on this sweet character.


We have kids, we love kids, we want kids to feel safe and loved.

We try all of our masks on real, live, little people and we test these with our friends.

This size would be recommended for size 2 to approximately an 8-10. 

The elastic is fully adjustable with a toggle to make them fit just right, and we make sure they are soft and don't have any pesky annoyances that our children seem to find.

If you see a pattern that you want in a larger size, please let us know! We know adults like to have fun, too!

As all of our masks, this is 100% cotton, pre-washed, dual layer with a pocket for a removable and disposable filter and nose wire for optimal fit.

Designed and produced in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.